Spice Up Your Daily Life with Nuru Massage

nuru massage

Your daily routine doesn’t have to be mundane and boring. It also doesn’t have to be all about chores, business meetings, and other mentally and physically exhausting activities. After all, all work and no play is just going to make you a dull, lifeless person. 

Tantric Top Massage welcomes you to try our super exciting and erotic Nuru massage in Bayswater that will turn your life upside down. Once you’ve tasted the allure and charm of this rubdown therapy, it will be difficult to stay away from it. Also, our girls look more than pleasing to the eyes, which is an added bonus. 

Not sure what a Nuru therapy entails? Allow us to give you a preview of what you are about to experience with our amazing bevvy of masseuses. 

  • A Nuru massage is essentially a naked body to body massage. But, much more exciting than a B2B rubdown because it is messy and slippery. For this massage, our girls use a special gel, known as Nuru gel. This gel is highly slippery and doesn’t have any odour and colour. The application of this gel sets the stage and allows our girls to easily and smoothly slide across their clients’ body, which can be you. 
  • Unlike other erotic massages, this rubdown therapy doesn’t straight jump to the massage. It creates a romantic environment and even includes a hot, steamy shower with the masseuse. The warm water softens the skin and this allows the skin to readily absorb the Nuru gel. 
  • After taking a shower, the masseuse is going to lead you to the massage room and politely request you to lie on the massage table. Then, she is going to warm up the Nuru gel and apply it generously on your body. She will also apply it to her naked body. We are confident that you will enjoy this sight as your chosen masseuse seductively applies the gel on her body. 
  • After both of you are covered in the gel, the real massage is going to start. She will carefully get on top of you and begin to slowly slide across your body. You can feel her feminine curves as she pushes herself against your body, leaving very little space in between. She is also going to straddle you by using her hips. As the gel will ensure that there is little to no friction between your bodies, you are going to love the sensation. 
  • Our Nuru massage in Bayswater does not involve any kind of penetration, but the massage in itself is so tempting and seductive that your senses will be aroused. You are surely going to have an erection during the massage and the continuous sliding movement is going to take you to the edge of climax and beyond. When you are finally allowed to release, the experience is going to be heavenly. 

Does reading about the massage excite your senses? Just imagine how you would feel if this rubdown therapy was a part of your daily routine. This massage is one of the best ways to get rid of stress and put all worrying thoughts aside. It will help you unwind after a tough day and get you ready for the next day. The massage is going to refresh you, as well as, cater to your sexual needs. 

For experiencing a sexy Nuru massage in Bayswater, call Tantric Top Massage. We can make arrangements for both outcall and incall massage. You can select the masseuse of your choice from our wide selection and get ready to have an amazing time with her. 

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