The Ultimate Prostate Massage Techniques

The Ultimate Prostate Massage Techniques

The prostate is often referred to as the male G-spot. It is a small muscular gland that is known for producing the seminal fluid that you find during ejaculation. The prostate helps to propel semen from the phallus and it is surrounded by so many nerve endings that feel amazing when touched and stimulated.

Curious? Tantric Top Massage has outlined below the wonders of backdoor stimulation and the techniques that our masseuses implement to bring the body to orgasm.

What is a prostate massage?

Prostate massage is the stimulation of the prostate gland. The prostate can be accessed through the anus, and therefore, this massage can be your entry into the world of backdoor or anal fun. You might even graduate to getting pegged after you have enjoyed a couple of sessions of prostate massage in South Kensington.

Since the prostate is situated approximately 2 inches inside the rectum, between the penis and the rectum, our girls have to take the backdoor. The anus is also a magical place that you’ll soon figure out once you book an appointment with our girls.

How does a prostate orgasm feel like?

P-spot orgasms are similar to penile orgasms, but they are said to be much more explosive and intense. You can feel P-spot orgasms throughout your body and this is what makes prostate massages highly sought-after.

Our girls have helped clients achieve continuous orgasms through prostate stimulation and such a stream of continuous, fast orgasms have caused their body to shudder with pleasure.

You can feel the same by coming to us for a prostate massage.

What are the techniques used by our girls?

You probably have to meet our girls a few time to try a few different moves and also experiment with pressure and speed to find out what feels best. However, here are a few techniques that our girls use to give the ultimate prostate massage.

  • Our girls make use of their fingers and after applying a lot of lube, they carefully insert the lubed finger into the anus. Once inside, they curl their finger upward and gently stimulate the area toward the belly button. They keep repeating this motion while gradually increasing the speed as they realise that you are enjoying yourself.
  • Another technique that they use is the doorbell technique. By resting the pad of their finger against the outside of your prostate, they gently press it as if they are pressing a doorbell. They mix up this technique by using various pressure or holding the press for longer and shorter intervals. They use this technique when going inside the anus as well.
  • Circling is another great stimulation technique that our girls have mastered. They use the pad of their finger and seductively run it all around the prostate. They circle their way around the perimeter of the gland. For more pleasure, they experiment with speed and pressure, and allows delight to build up.

Along with using their fingers, our girls also have prostate massagers and vibrators. These tools are for recipients who are used to the sensation of having something up their anus and want to experience more.

To ensure that the techniques work, our massage girls cut and file their nails. Make use of good quality lube and ensure that recipients do not feel a lot of discomfort throughout the session.

So, do you want to enjoy prostate massage in South Kensington? You can contact Tantric Top Massage and allow us to take care of the arrangements. Just go through our girls and book an appointment with the one that makes your heart flutter. Then, look forward to having your urges and desires fulfilled.

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