Aqua massage +£50-£200 Extra

As part of our London tantric massage services we offer something a little bit different with our aqua massage

London. Our aqua massage is the most convenient and effective method of receiving a complete, full-body massage.

Despite the name, when you receive a water massage London you don’t actually get wet. Instead, you lie in a machine similar to that of a tanning bed and there is a barrier between you and the water which leaves you perfectly dry.

Our aqua massage London involves a number of water jets working the full length of your body, all at the same time, with the barrier protecting your body from the water.

The feeling of our aqua massage London is like no other massages in London. Imagine the feeling of massaging yourself with your showerhead whilst in the shower, but amplify that and you don’t have to do any of the work! Our aqua massage London holds the same benefits of other types of massages such as relaxation, increasing circulation and easing muscle and joint pain; as well as rejuvenating the mind and soul.

The water massage London at Tantric Top allows you to choose what kind of pressure you want; light or more intense.

The main attraction that our aqua massage London holds is that unlike other types of massages, you get a full body massage throughout the whole process. Rather than one masseuse focusing on one part and moving around the body every part of your body is massaged at the same time.

Contact us today to book your Aqua Massage London.

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