Fantasy Massage £50 Extra

What is a fantasy massage?

A fantasy massage incorporates authentic tantric massage techniques with elements of themed uniforms and role play. With this massage, you can turn your hidden fantasies into a reality. The massage therapist can be dressed in any uniform or costume of your choosing for the session. You can also fuse role play into the massage session and the encounter can be anything that you desire. Be the headmaster punishing a naughty undergraduate student, a college professor attracted to a young student or be the boss who is seduced by a hot, sexy receptionist or secretary. Your imagination can be as wild as you want and the massage session will be designed as per your fantasy.

What is involved during the massage?

A fantasy massage is essentially an erotic, sensual tantric massage with the option of adding role play and costumes. You can get a body to body massage from your chosen therapist dressed as something straight out of your imagination. You will be required to provide guidance and instructions to your selected therapist so that she perfectly plays her role and takes you to the depths of your fantasy. This kind of massage is not just relaxing and arousing, but it promises to take you to great heights of delight as it is exactly according to your imagination.

You can truly expect to lose yourself when getting a fantasy massage as it will fulfil your fantasies in ways that you have only dreamt of. Submit your fantasies to Tantric Top Massage by filling our appointment form, choose your choice of therapist and prepare to play out the scene in real life.

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