Month: January 2016
January 31, 2016

More than just cleanliness – London Tantric Massage

With Tantric Top, our main aim is to make our customers as comfortable as possible while providing them with an incredible, unforgettable experience that will make them want to come back for more and more! Can you really think of anything more you would want from a service like this? Read more “More than just cleanliness – London Tantric Massage”

January 24, 2016

A Quick Visit to History – London Tantric Massage

Chelseasituated in the heart of London and just around the corner from where we are based! Chelsea has been a massive part of London for many, many years now and it only started as a small, little fishing village a good few hundred years ago which needless to say, it certainly isnt that way any more. Read more “A Quick Visit to History – London Tantric Massage”

January 17, 2016

We’re not too far away – London Tantric Massage

Based in Earls Court, we are here at Tantric Top have been providing luxurious, deeply relaxing London tantric massages for a few years now and we are always looking to please our customers by any means possible. Earls Court is extremely rich in British history and has been for some time now; one of the oldest towns in London, it has built up a stellar reputation and is widely knows throughout the UK. Read more “We’re not too far away – London Tantric Massage”

January 10, 2016

Living the High Life – London Tantric Massages

Kensingtonthat old, prestigious town based in Central London; one of the most well sought after areas to live in the entirety of London and offering a whole lot more than just residential benefits Read more “Living the High Life – London Tantric Massages”

January 3, 2016

It’s your decision – London Tantric Massage

Dont we just love those times where we get to make our own decisions? Perhaps at work you are not in a managerial role and your input is actually taken under consideration or better yet, your advice has been put into practice or maybe you decided on where to go for a meal tonight or a couple of drinks. Read more “It’s your decision – London Tantric Massage”

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