Massage Services in Bond Street

Benefits and types of sensual massages at Tantric Top Massage

Tantric Top Massage is skilled in providing you with an experience you won’t forget. With a variety of locations and exceptional masseurs, our confidential service provides you with the ultimate in pleasure and relaxation.

What are the benefits of a massage?

There are many benefits of a massage, both for the body and the mind. A massage loosens tight muscles, gently warming and stretching them to allow complete calmness. This relaxation of the body allows the mind to be calm, letting waves of pleasure wash through you like never before. An erotic massage relieves the stress of everyday life and provides the ultimate in satisfaction.

What types of massages are there?

There are a variety of massage services available at our Bond Street location. The Tantra massage is a full body, skin to skin massage that uses warm oils, invigorating scents and long flowing strokes to help you revitalise. Using techniques based on ancient tantric arts, this is an experience you will never forget. You could even opt for the highly intimate happy ending.

For something a bit special, try the four hand massage.  In this therapy, two massage therapists work together to choreograph intricate massage techniques all over your body.

How about something a little different?

For an extremely pleasurable experience, we recommend using one of our trained, gentle and skilled masseurs to perform a prostrate massage. Apart from unimaginable pleasure, it can also help a person relax and clear their head, giving them an overall sense of well being.

An ultimate in pleasure, the nuru massage is a traditional Japanese massage where the masseuse is naked and covered in oil, creating a delightfully slippery erotic sensation for you. A body to body massage is unparalleled for full skin contact between the giver and the receiver. The naked masseur applies sensual oils over her entire body, allowing her to craft her massage magic into a blissful experience.

How does it work?

Our fully trained, beautiful masseurs are discreet, and ensure an intimate, pleasurable experience. Look through our website and find a masseur that will allow you to transcend the ordinary and indulge in an extraordinary sensual experience. Give us a call to book your spot on the massage table today.

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