Tie And Tease Massage £50 Extra

What is a tie and tease massage?

Tie and tease massage combines elements of light submission with tantric rituals. Tie and tease refers to the practice of tying up the recipient and bringing them to the brink of climax by denying them an orgasm. The recipient is repeatedly stimulated through seductive, gentle caresses and held in an aroused state without relief. When the recipient is allowed to orgasm, the experience is more intense and explosive than usual thanks to the extended stimulation and build-up of arousal. During the session, the masseuse assumes the status of a dominatrix and along with massaging away stress, she also fulfils submissive fantasies and desires.

What does tie and tease massage involve?

Tie and tease massage involves light discipline. Recipients can expect to get lashings of pleasure and punishments if they do not follow commands. Blindfolds, gags and other types of restraints are generally used by masseuses to lead the recipient into a state of willing submission. During the session, recipients of this rubdown are expected to completely surrender themselves to the authority of the massage therapist. The massage can even blend elements of fetish and roleplaying fantasies whilst all the way, it is the masseuse who is in total control. The recipient will be rewarded for following orders or face consequences for disobeying.

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