Cold Outside? Feel Warm Inside with a Happy Ending Massage

Happy Ending Massage

It seems like it is going to be a very cold holiday season this year. If you are planning to visit London and not accustomed to such cold weather, let Tantric Top Massage’s girls warm you with a steamy, hot happy ending massage in London.

The outside cold is not going to affect you when the warm, soft hands of our girls are cupping your scrotum and playing with your throbbing, erect penis. You may even start sweating from the to and fro motion of her hands and enjoy the frosted windows outside whilst feeling extremely warm inside.

Wondering how a happy ending massage can make you feel warm inside? Here’s how.

A happy ending massage is a highly erotic and exotic massage. It is the most indulgent of all our massage and comes second only to the prostate massage. This massage promises to take you all the way to heaven. Whilst other erotic massages simply tease and toy with the genitals, this massage gives genitals the attention that they deserve. So, all you need to do is book an appointment with one of our super fun and sultry massage girls and wait for them to come.

Once your massage girl has arrived, she will open her coat to reveal the most amazing and juiciest of bodies that you have seen. Such a banging body with jaw-dropping good looks is the perfect combination for a cold, winter night. In fact, the moment she reveals her body, you might start to feel a little warmth creeping up from in between your legs.

The next step is when she comes close to you and lets you smell her fantastic body odour whilst she asks you to dress down and comfortably lay on the massage table or bed. She will take her sweet time to heat the oil and rub her palms together, before starting the massage. The anticipation makes the massage so much sweeter.

Now, she slowly comes close to you and puts her warm hands on your body. The glow on her face, the gentleness in her eyes and the warmth of her hands are going to instantly transport you to another dimension. Then, she is going to slowly start massaging your body and stimulating every inch of you. By the time she comes close to your erogenous zones, you are probably already screaming inside your head and asking her to touch you in between your legs. But, she will not give in to your demands. She will tease you for a while and also play with your body. When the time is ripe, she is going to grab your genitals and slowly stroke your throbbing and already erect penis. She is also going to caress your balls to take the sensation a notch higher. Whilst she plays with your genitals, you can feel a sense of warmth spreading throughout your body. This is the heat that your body is producing because you are turned on and at this point, you would not even care if it was snowing.

As she continues to stroke your phallus, she is going to alternate speeds and pressure levels. But, she will allow you to finish. The release is going to be explosive.

Get a happy ending massage right away

You do not have to wait for the temperature dipping further. If you are in the city, get a happy ending massage in London right away. Our girls are already waiting to satisfy your carnal thirst. Meet them and you are sure to feel warm inside.

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