Latex And Lace Massage £50 Extra

What is a Latex and Lace massage?

A latex and lace massage is a type of erotic massage therapy that integrates authentic, sensual tantric rubdown techniques. This massage is primarily the playground of the masseuse who assumes an upper hand and only by surrendering to her completely, you will gain the ultimate pleasure. The masseuse will be dressed in a body-hugging leather corset and lace gear that will give you a full view of her well-toned, shapely figure. Leather and latex clothing are designed particularly to turn on those individuals who have a fetish for BDSM.

What does this massage involve?

A latex and lace massage is a sexually arousing rubdown with the addition of BDSM play. You can get an aqua, Nuru or body to body massage from your selected masseuse who will be dressed in lace leather outfits and spiky boots that give her an air of superiority. During this massage, you need to completely give up control and the massage therapist will dominate you. She will take full charge of your body for the entire one or two hours that you have booked her. The latex and lace massage is all about being submissive and doing what you are told or else, you have to face the wrath of the massage therapist. She might even punish you if you are naughty. This massage is highly intoxicating and will leave you wanting more.

A latex and lace massage is a truly stimulating and relaxing massage as you get to simply give up control and let the massage therapist lead. You are simply expected to enjoy and the rest will be taken care of by the seductive temptress clad in leather. Fill up Tantric Top Massage’s appointment form to schedule a meeting with your dominatrix massage therapist.

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