Domination +£50-£200 Extra

What is Domination?

Domination is a subset of BDSM and it involves the submission of one person to another in a sexually stimulating episode. The submissive gives up total and complete control to the dominant one and allows himself to be commanded and ordered. During domination, the submissive is expected to follow every instruction given by the dominatrix, or else, there are consequences in the form of punishment. Domination is the ideal roleplay for those gentlemen who have a lot of responsibilities in their real life and are looking for an escape. Being able to pass on the control can actually be a huge relief.

What does Domination involve?

Domination sessions can be light, mild or intense. It can involve verbal humiliation, bondage, blindfolds, handcuffs and other forms of restraints. It can sometimes involve spanking, flogging and whipping. For those looking for a total experience, you can request nipple clamps, collars and leash, and so on. There are a number of different toys that a dominatrix might use during the session. She might also deprive the submissive of his senses and deny him the pleasure of an orgasm.

Domination is an opportunity for total relaxation. Our dominatrixes will take good care of you whilst you simply let go and have a good time. Tantric Top Massage’s dominatrixes are equipped with a wide array of props and toys, and are specifically trained in the art of sensual domination. So, tell us your requirements and desires in as much detail as possible and we will make all the arrangements on your behalf. Contact us, via phone call or email to set up an appointment with our gorgeous dominatrixes. You can also fill and submit the booking form.

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