Satisfy Your Foot Fetish Urges in Earls Court

Just like music styles and clothing preferences, sexual kinks vary. Every person is either repelled by or attracted to things that are considered mundane by others. When it comes to feet, a lot of people feel a sexual attraction toward it than other parts of the body. Since the feet are covered with many nerve endings, it results in greater and much intense sensations. If you have ever fantasised about feet when being intimate with your partner or get turned on when you look at pedicured feet, you can come to Tantric Top Massage. We are a renowned and discreet massage agency catering to foot fetish in Earls Court. This service is expertly provided by our gorgeous bevvy of massage girls who go above and beyond to satisfy their clients.

There are broadly two reasons why you might be attracted toward feet.

  • The domination aspect – Domination and submission is a power play that a lot of people enjoy. Feet are only a part of the structure. If you are someone who likes to be dominated, you might find satisfaction in allowing our girls to walk all over you. They can use your shoulder, lap or chest as a footrest and let you worship their slender, beautiful feet. You can adore their feet and let them force you into a position of submission.
  • The humiliation aspect – Humiliation is one aspect of foot fetish because feet are considered as ‘below’ by a lot of people. Since this is a lowly body part, a lot of people take offence being touched by foot. But, this humiliation aspect is something that a lot of fetishists find quite appealing. They enjoy it when this lower part of the body is all over them or when they are being put in their place. Do you enjoy being humiliated? If so, you would enjoy the company of our strong, independent and gorgeous massage girls. They know how to pleasurably humiliate their customers and show them a good time.

At Tantric Top Massage, we can arrange the foot fetish session as per specific requests. Some men enjoy bare feet whilst there are others who like foot adornments like, stockings, socks, shoes or sandals. Regardless of what you prefer, we can bring your fantasy to reality. You just have to tell us what you like and our girls will be dressed accordingly.

If you are not looking to be dominated, our girls can fulfil your foot fetish by giving you a foot to body massage. You feel the beautifully soft feet of our girls exploring the contours of your body. Our girls know how to give a sensual massage using their feet that will make their clients go crazy with passion and excitement. Even when they are giving you a massage, you might ask them to wear stocking or socks for the same. Whatever you like, our girls will make it happen and make sure that you walk out a happy man.

We understand that not all women might be into foot fetish or they might not be willing to entertain your fetishes. There is no need to worry because massage girls at Tantric Top Massage are always ready to cater to your desires and urges. Our gallery is full of stunning women who have been carefully selected for their amazing looks, curvy body and friendly personality. You will find blondes with huge boobs, brunettes with a petite body, dark-haired statuesque women and more. Peruse our gallery and choose the girl whose feet you want all over your body.

Whilst you are at Tantric Top Massage, do not forget to check out our other massage services. Besides foot fetish, we also offer body to body massage, happy ending massage, tantric massage, Nuru massage, domination, roleplay, fantasy and more. You can even spice a massage session by combining two services. For instance, book a classic tantric massage and combine it with roleplay for extra fun.

So, do you think you are ready to have your foot fetish fulfilled? Give a call to Tantric Top Massage. You can fill up a form or connect with us to complete your booking. Be assured that our girls know how to satiate clients’ desires.

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