Prostate massage – Enjoy multiple orgasms and get energised

Did you know that pleasure can be intensified and prolonged through prostate stimulation? If you are not aware of this, you probably never had the pleasure of getting a prostate massage in London. At Tantric Top Massage, our massage girls specialise in providing exceptional prostate massages. They are experienced in giving men both penile orgasms and orgasms from prostate stimulation. Trust us, massaging or milking the prostate can give you full-body orgasms, which are much more long-lasting and exciting than penile orgasms.

A prostate massage is also known as prostate milking and there are broadly two reasons why people get this massage.

  • To improve the health of the prostate
  • To be on cloud 9

Yes, prostate massage can improve the health of your prostate and can even boost your overall well-being. Some of the health benefits of this massage are:

  • Regularly milking the prostate make sure that the prostate duct is clear. If the duct is not cleared, the fluid gets accumulated here and that might lead to prostatitis and other such prostate-related health conditions.
  • Massaging the prostate increases blow flow to the penis, which results in longer and stronger erections.
  • The stimulation of the prostate can solve problems like, immature ejaculation and other sexual problems. It will help improve your performance in bed.

As for the latter, prostate massage is known to take men on a wild journey where they get to experience a heavenly pleasure. So, men are literally on cloud 9 after our girls have shown them the power of prostate stimulation. This is very different from a penile orgasm and there is a chance experiencing more than one orgasm in a single session. Sometimes, our girls also cater to the balls and phallus whilst fingering the prostate and this leads to spreading an intensely satisfying feeling throughout the body.

In addition to helping men experience multiple orgasms, prostate massage is also the first step to getting into the world of anal play. So, if you wish to explore anal play and BDSM, and want your partner to peg you, it is advised that you start by getting a prostate massage. As our girls massage your prostate, it will help to loosen the muscles around your anus and make it ripe for inserting other objects and toys, such as a vibrator or dildo. Also, when a finger is inside your anus, you will know whether you want to further explore anal play or you do not like the feeling of something stuck up your buttocks.

Even though the technique of prostate massage might appear scary to some, it is actually a delightful and pleasurable experience. Our girls know how to make customers feel comfortable. This is how our girls perform a prostate massage:

  • They give customers a warm welcome and try to make them feel comfortable. If someone is feeling very nervous, our girls first make sure that he is made to feel calm before she proceeds with the massage.
  • Our girls maintain their hygiene and cut their nails so that you don’t have to worry about any kind of cuts or bruises when the finger is inside your anus
  • They make use of a lot of lubricants. This is important as it ensures that the finger goes in and comes out very smoothly. If needed, they use more lube and apply it all over their finger, around the anus of the customer and then proceed with the massage.
  • They make sure that the recipient is in a comfortable position. This is crucial for enjoying the massage. They also keep asking if the recipient is comfortable in the position that he is in. Typically, you will be asked to lie down with your legs spread wide and she will slide a few cushions underneath you so that your buttocks are elevated and she can properly see the anus hole.

A prostate massage is extremely relaxing and as there is a chance of multiple orgasms, you can be assured of walking out of the treatment room feeling rejuvenated and light-headed. Once you have experienced our prostate massage service, you will come back for more. Call us to get more information or to check out our massage girls.

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