How Couples Massage Can Improve a Strained Relationship?

If you have never booked a session of couples massage at Tantrictop, you really do not know what you are missing out! Sharing such a pampering and pleasing experience will not only ignite your lost passion but also help you to have a strong bond with your partner. Just like any other massage, couples massage too reduces all sorts of stress and tension, relaxing your muscles and rejuvenating all your senses. However, it comes with a little extra benefit. It enhances the physical and emotional bond between two partners, re-building chemistry and stimulating sexual intimacy. During the session of couples massage at our Sloane Square location, you will experience a sensual body rub with your partner lying next to you. So, how it strengthens a relationship?

Rekindles a distant relationship

Work-life imbalance and finances are some of the common factors that put undue stress on you and your partner. If you find you both are growing apart, it is time to opt for our couple’s therapy session. Whilst two masseuses perform erotic tantric rub down on your body individually, you will gradually feel the urge to get indulged in steamy activities with your partner and understand what turns him/her on. The session starts like a normal massage where our trained masseuses knead and tap the muscles. They will make sure that there is a decrease in cortisol, allowing you and your partner to interact effectively. Couple’s therapy is all about intimacy where you get the opportunity to connect with your loved ones and redevelop erotic chemistry.

Increases the level of oxytocin

This massage therapy greatly impacts the level of oxytocin in the body besides reducing cortisol. Oxytocin is released when there are physical touch and affection. The gentle strokes and the sensual stimulation in the erogenous zones are some great ways to release oxytocin in the blood. The higher the levels of oxytocin, the higher are the chances to have a long-lasting relationship with your partner. The session finishes leaving you deeply satisfied and highly aroused.

Heightens intimacy

Couple therapy offers a heavenly bliss. People discover their lost chemistry and emotions and become ready to work on their relationship. Due to an increase in hormones, many experiences a high sex drive that eventually brings the couple together. During the session, the therapists work on you and your partner’s nude body to release all the knots and pain from the body and then move on to give you extreme sexual pleasure. The seductive techniques and the rub down will leave both of you longing more, helping you to develop a powerful, intimate relationship. Massage also releases dopamine and endorphins, which again aid in increasing sexual attraction and affection between two individuals. With this therapy, couples find a healthy way to boost their sex life.

These are some of the few benefits that you can enjoy in a couples massage therapy session. Besides, this is also one of the ideal ways to spend time with each other. You can even utilise this idea as a relaxing date to renew your care and passion. Many couples who are unfamiliar with this method, may find it reluctant to try it. To eliminate inhibitions and fear, you can talk to our friendly therapists about the procedure and how it can greatly enhance your love life.
If you are facing any such worries in your relationship and looking for ways to improve it, do not hesitate to call us. We at Tantrictop offer different types of massages including sensual couple therapy massage in Sloane Square. Make an appointment and see how the girls will charge you erotically and shape an enduring relationship with your mate.

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