Body to Body Massage – Things that you should know


Are you feeling stressed and exhausted? Need something to relieve yourself? You can consider availing Tantric Top Massage’s body to body massage in Baker Street. This is a stimulating massage like no other and our girls will take good care of you. This rubdown is exactly what your body and mind need to feel rejuvenated, detoxed and at peace. 

If you have never experienced a body to body massage before, here are a few things that you should know – 

You have to undress to truly experience the massage – We get a lot of questions regarding what clothes one can wear during a B2B massage. The best way to experience and enjoy a B2B massage is by completely undressing. You cannot have even a piece of clothing on your body. However, do not worry because your chosen massage therapist is also going to be naked. So, you have nothing to feel nervous or awkward about. If you want, our massage girl will undress before you and might even help you to get off your clothes. A B2B rubdown is a full-body contact massage – As the name suggests, a body to body or B2B massage is a therapy where two naked bodies will be rubbing against each other. Our massage girls make use of their well-toned, gorgeous bodies to stimulate the senses of the recipients. You can feel her stomach, warm skin, breasts, thighs, hips and all of her feminine curves as she presses against your naked skin. The skin to skin contact is extremely intense during this massage and it is not uncommon for recipients to experience one or more orgasms. During the massage, our girls will touch every inch of you using their different body parts. They will straddle you with her hips and push her breasts against your body so that you feel the softness. Overall, this is one of our most intimate and sensually arousing massage service that you can experience whilst staying in Baker Street. The massage does not involve extra perks – At Tantric Top Massage, we provide body to body massage and during the massage, you might get aroused and you might even experience multiple orgasms. But, orgasms are only achieved through the power of touch and stimulation. Our girls do not provide extra favours and any type of penetration is not involved as part of the massage.

Our body to body massage service is highly revered in Baker Street and across London. The therapy is therapeutic, relaxing and highly arousing. If you opt for an incall session, you will be directed to the incall apartment of your chosen massage therapist. As she opens the door, you will enter a space that is clean, tidy and dimly lit. You might even hear soothing music playing in the background and the smell of aromatic oil is sure to get you in the mood. Our girls take special care to set the right environment so that you can enjoy it from the time you meet our therapist until the very end. 

Tantric Top Massage’s girls are also available for outcall massage sessions. You can book any one of our massage girls and invite her to your home or a hotel suite. Our girls are extremely discreet and they will stealthily come to meet you whilst ensuring that nobody finds out about your evening. Also, our girls will never reveal what goes on inside the room with a customer. 

If you are new to the world of erotic massages and feeling nervous to straight away try our body to body massage, you can opt for our other offerings like, tantric massage, sensual massage or happy ending massage. All of our massage services are sensual and our massage girls have been chosen carefully for their expertise and amazing looks. We have sourced the choicest masseuses to pamper your senses and bring your erotic dreams to life. 

So, what are you still waiting for? Contact Tantric Top Massage right away and fulfil your desires. Meet one of our masseuses by setting up an appointment and allow her to show you a good time. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to clear all of your doubts. 

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