Top Erogenous Zones Covered in Body to Body Massage

Body to body massage claims to heighten all your senses and gives you satisfaction to the core. In Tantric Top Massage, you will have the most intense experience of the lifetime. The girls are absolute stunners and are expert in providing you with a magical experience.

Whether you are in London for a short vacation or a business meeting, a top-notch sensual massage is going to take away all your stress and worries.

How does the process start?

First, you get the freedom to look through the gorgeous women present in our gallery. They are so spectacular and striking that it may take you some time to choose one and book an appointment in London.

During the session, your hired masseuse delivers you joy and delight by using her naked body, gliding and sliding all over you and gently massaging the erogenous spots. The main aim of our girls is to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit and take you on a wild ride.

Which erogenous spots are covered?

Areola and nipples– Each nipple has multiple nerve endings, making it super-sensitive. When the busty brunette uses her hands to stimulate the nipples, it brings a lot of pleasure. Besides using her soft palms, she uses her well-rounded breasts to increase the pleasure.

Nipple stimulation lights up the genital sensory cortex, which is the same area that gets aroused by clitoral stimulation. She starts with her light touch, then moves using her lips, tongue and breasts.

Neck– Neck is one such area that is wrongfully ignored but has the full potential to make your body tingle. Our girls know exactly how to use their hands and other parts of their bodies to arouse you sexually.

She wraps you in her arms, uses her fingers to run back and forth on the neck and shoulder area and even behind the ears. Her velvety touch is going to make you crave more!

Inner things– These are highly sensitive areas and are pretty much close to the ultimate erogenous spot. Your hired masseuse uses her curvy body and strong legs to give a rub down to that area. She slowly runs her hands inwards, leading to a sexual buildup.

Penile region– It consists of glans, frenulum, scrotum, testicles and perineum- all lead to extreme satisfaction when massaged correctly. The glans, also known as the head, has 4000 nerve endings, which makes it the most sensitive part of the region.

She teases it and rubs her fingers all over the fleshy head. To amplify joy and pleasure, the tempting masseuse can use oils and lubes. She moves to the frenulum, the underside of the phallus, that too triggers high orgasm.

She uses her lubed hands to slide up and down the shaft gently. The scrotum and testicles are also shown the same love, exciting the super-sensitive nerves till you reach the climax.

Feet and toes– The bottom of the feet has pressure points that boost blood circulation and arousal. The masseuse plays with various pressure areas whilst giving a vigorous massage to the feet so that you feel light and enjoy other sensations in the body.

Back– If you are ready for some titillating goosebumps, a steamy back rub is what will be delivered to you. From using her fingers to hands, elbows and gigantic bust, she uses her every body parts to make the session raunchy and spicy. 

Torso– Nobody likes grabbing their torso, but gently caressing the region with broad strokes can give you an exceptionally tantalising feeling. When some warm, aromatic oils are added, this leads to an awesome journey towards physical bliss.

Men’s bodies are filled with sexually charged areas that are waiting to be explored, touched and caressed. Nothing can give them an out of the world pleasure other than body to body massage in London.

Why book an appointment with us?

Tantric Top Massage excels in offering some of the erotic, sensual rubdowns in various parts of the UK. We offer both incall and outcall services so that you can enjoy yourself with our girls at your convenient locations.

If you never had an erotic body to body massage, you are missing a huge part of fun and excitement. Do not hesitate further and contact us to get our 100% discreet services. 

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