An Erotic Massage – What Is It?

Personalised body to body massage

The human body allows it’s self to experience pleasure through it’s five senses, which are sight, sound, smell, taste and, the main one when it comes to an erotic massage touch. As you begin your erotic massage in Marylebone you feel all of your senses beginning to go to a level that you have not experienced before. This form of massage is an enjoyable intimate experiences between two people.

As the girl of your choice begins to stroke and stimulate your body through stroking your skin, it will soon become apparent that the erotic massage is beginning to set your sexual nerve receptors on fire. The most important aspect of your erotic massage in Marylebone is for you to understand that your emotions and soul will be reborn through the touch of your gorgeous girls hands on your body.

An erotic massage will improve your circulation, relax your muscles and tone your body. It has also been proven that an erotic massage can help in the releasing of your bodies own endorphins, and it is even possible to increase some hormones through having a regular erotic massage.

A great way to add even more enjoyment to your erotic massage is to use some lubricant, not only will this help you to relax more but it will also allow the girl of your choice to run her fingers over your body in a smoother more sensual way. Before the start of your massage the stunning masseuse will ask you if you would like her to use any lubricant, we would suggest you say yes as this will help you to experience maximum pleasure.

As the name suggests ( Erotic Massage ) this is a very sexual body to body massage and so it is expected that both participants will be naked so that the full sexual nature of the massage can be experienced. If you are naked it allows the stunning girl of your choice to reach areas of your body that will make the whole experience more intense and your skin to feel more alive and sensitive, thus allowing the massage to reinvigorate your mind, body and soul.

The erotic massage experience is designed to offer satisfaction in 3 distinct ways: physical, mental and of course sexual. To most people the last of these 3 may seem the most important but in fact the main purpose of the erotic massage is to offer you a complete state of relaxation beyond the erotic part.

As you will be expecting the whole purpose of an erotic massage is a way to achieve complete relaxation. As you go through your daily life more and more people are tending to forget just how much stress and tension is built up through sexual frustration. When you go for a standard massage you usually find that the areas that are concentrated on are the back and the shoulders as these are the two predominant areas that stress builds up. An erotic massage is designed to release the stress and tensions from not just the obvious places but also the sexual areas, this is why an erotic massage will leave you feeling totally relaxed like never before.

You may have thought about an erotic massage and thought that the whole point of this type of massage is to take you to the peak of pleasure, there is nothing wrong with this thought process but it is also important to understand that an erotic massage is also a test of control and patience.

When you have an erotic massage the girl of your choice will build up the experience and the pleasure until you feel you can not hold back and then expertly she will back off at just the right moment, this is then repeated again and again.

This then means that when the end is reached you will have the most intense experience that you have ever had.When it comes to maximising this experience a lot of it comes down to controlling your breathing, if you can do this and practice this successfully then you will experience some amazing benefits such as an improved sex drive etc as well as an improved sexual experience.

To have an experience like never before and to book an Erotic Massage in Marylebone or any other area of London, choose your girl from our stunning gallery and decide on an incall or an outcall and give us a call today.

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