Body To Body Massage – Baker Street

A body to body massage at Baker Street is an erotic massage therapy that is extremely intimate and sensual. Using not only her hands but her entire body, the stunning girl chosen by you will rub her naked body over yours to create pleasure and also to relieve any tension or muscular pain you may have as well as reducing your stress and anxiety. A body to body massage is a very intimate massage,and can be a very arousing experience.

The body to body massage Baker Street is done in a perfumed room, with low seductive lighting, and soft and sensual music helps you relax into the moment.The masseuse of your choice is completely naked during the session, and after warming her hands, she spreads gorgeous smelling massage oil over your body and hers. The massage involves caresses, pressures on certain parts of the body, and also the most important part body to body contact. 

The body to body massage can be as an incall or an outcall. 

This type of massage is beneficial when it comes to controlling the bodies sensations, and when this is done it leads to a greater experience of sexuality.

A body to body massage originated in ancient Japan, it is a very intimate massage that is designed to stimulate and satisfy your sexual appetite. The masseuses body sliding over yours originates from an old Tantric principle that was developed to promote physical and mental health, this massage is one of the most erotic experiences you will ever experience.

A body to body massage would normally last between one and two hours, but this all depends on you. If you wanted a longer session so you and your masseuse could bond even further then this can be arranged, A longer session would give you the time to unwind and relax fully, having been able to slowly build up the tension before an unbelievable release.

If you do not have the time for a 2 or 3 hour session then don’t worry as 1 hour is more than enough time to have a sensational experience with one of our stunning girls.

The Benefits Of A Body To Body Massage In this hectic world in which we live in everybody needs a chance to escape and relax, so why not treat yourself to one of the most sensual experiences that you will ever have, a Tantric massage of this kind is designed to leave you feeling refreshed and completely satisfied. A body to body massage can:

Maximise Your Libido: When you have an intimate body to body experience with one of our stunning girls it will increase your senses and reawaken your passion for closeness and the intimacy that you could have been missing out on. All this can happen because of the touch of skin on skin.

Remove The Stress Of The Day: As soon as you meet one of our gorgeous girls they will put you at ease straight away with their relaxing smile , kind words and stunning body. They understand how to relieve you of the stress that you feel and are happy to listen to what you want from this intimate experience, and then blow your mind as they take you to heaven and back in a way that you did not think was possible.

Here at Tantric Top we pride ourselves on being able to offer you an experience that is second to none, all of our gorgeous girls are experienced at putting you at ease from the moment you meet them and they will encourage you to relax and live out your fantasies with them. The whole concept of what we offer is designed to put your body and mind at ease.
So if you are looking for a sensual body to body massage in Baker Street or want to have any of our other Tantric massages in London then book one of our stunning girls today for a sensual journey like no other.

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