What Exactly is a Happy Ending Massage?

Happy ending massage has been a mystery for far too long. A lot of people shy away from enjoying this sexually gratifying and relaxing experience due to their lack of knowledge. At Tantric Top Massage, we provide incall and outcall happy ending massage services in London and we hate to burst your bubble, but sex is not involved in this massage.

Yes, a lot of people associate happy ending massage with sex. In fact, people go to such lengths as to comment that this rubdown therapy is simply a glorified way to indicate sex. However, that is not true at all. Our massage therapists do not engage in any kind of penetration – oral or otherwise.

So, what is happy ending massage? It is a type of bodywork. Like any other massage therapy, the focus is on achieving maximum relaxation through the stimulation of muscles and senses. However, unlike traditional massages, this therapy does not leave the recipient high and dry. Even though our massage girls implement traditional massage techniques, they combine it with erotic movements that excite and relax the body at once. Once the muscles in the body are made to feel relaxed, the entire attention of the massage is shifted towards the erogenous zones of the recipient, especially the genitals. The masseuse uses sensual strokes and touches to make the phallus erect. Then, she continues to stroke gently, alternating pressures. The therapist does not stop until the recipient is unable to take any more and ejaculates out of great pleasure.

Basically, a happy ending massage is a complete package. Whilst our body to body, Nuru or even tantric massage sessions will excite and arouse your body, orgasm and ejaculation is not always a guarantee. However, owing to the erotic nature of the massages, a lot of people experience multiple orgasms. But, our happy ending massage guarantees orgasm and you will find a soft hand around your phallus.

All you have to do now is schedule an appointment with one of our sultry massage girls and experience this trance-like, relaxing massage. Contact us today and book an appointment.

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