Things to Know Before Getting an Erotic Massage in London

If the idea of getting a sensual massage excites you, reach out to Tantric Top Massage. We offer discreet incall and outcall erotic massage services in London. Our massage girls are experienced and trained in performing sensual massages that guarantee complete satisfaction. However, before you meet our girls, here are some of the things that you should know and follow.

Erotic massage is not only about sexual satisfaction

A lot of people misinterpret erotic massage as a glorified term for sex. But, let us tell you from the very outset that our massage girls do not engage in sex or any kind of penetrative activities. Through our erotic massage service, we aim to provide you mental, physical and sexual satisfaction. To some, the latter might seem the most important, but we actually focus on helping people reach a state of absolute bliss through complete relaxation. As our girls are trained in tantric massage, they understand that tension is not just stored in the muscles and mind, but even in the sexual areas. Those tensions also need a release and we provide that through the magic of touch.

Control your breathing during the session

If you want to have an unforgettable experience, it is important that you control your breathing. Of course, an erotic sensual massage in London will take you to great heights of pleasure, but it is also a test of patience and control. Our massage girls implement various techniques to build up pleasure in the recipient’s body, until he reaches the edge of orgasm. She repeats the process again and again, and allows this tension to end in the most intense climax. Throughout the session, she will teach you certain breathing techniques that you can pick up to be in control of the situation.

Take a warm shower before the massage

Since our girls will be touching every inch of your body, we urge you to take a quick shower before the massage. This will make sure that the massage session is enjoyable for both of you.

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