What are the Protocols for a Full Body to Body Massage?

Full Body to Body Massage

Tantric Top Massage is a renowned and well-known massage agency providing stimulating, sensual body to body massage in Baker Street. We work with an exceptional selection of massage girls who are known for their exceptional beauty, well-toned body and carefree nature. Also, they have been specifically trained in the art of erotic massages and know how to use their bodies and hands. If you are in the mood of wicked fun, you can avail our body to body massage services and relish in having your desires fulfilled.

A body to body massage is one of the most intimate and naughty massages because the rubdown is performed, as well as, received naked. There is complete skin to skin contact throughout the massage session. This is one of the reasons why we follow certain protocols when it comes to delivering B2B massages. Take a look at them below.

  • The hygiene and health of our clients are taken into consideration when providing a body to body massage services. We request you to take a shower before coming for this massage because there is complete body touch. Our girls always clean themselves before meeting a client so you can expect to meet girls who have excellent hygiene standards. We expect the same for you so that the B2B massage can be enjoyable for both parties.
  • You need to groom your hair if you have a lot of body hair. This is because our massage girls will be naked and rub their body against your body. If you have a lot of hair on your chest, back and stomach, a lot of friction is going to be created with all the rubbing. This is going to cause you discomfort. For an enjoyable experience, you need to trim your body hair.
  • We understand that the massage is highly erotic and you may find yourself aroused. After all, our girls are some of the most gorgeous masseuses you will find in Baker Street. They have amazing assets, soft skin and a slender figure. However, you are not allowed to grope them or touch them inappropriately. We do not entertain such activities.
  • At Tantric Top Massage, we deliver body to body massage in Baker Street and this involves nudity and a lot of rubbing of naked skin. But, we do not entertain requests of sexual activities and our massage does not involve any kind of penetration. We do provide a handjob at the end of the massage, but for that, you have to avail our happy ending massage.

So, these are a few protocols that you must maintain when you meet any one of our massage girls for a body to body massage in Baker Street. If you do have any requests, feel free to talk to us before your session starts. We will see to it that your wishes are fulfilled.

Also, due to the pandemic, we have certain new protocols for our B2B massage services, which involves refusing service to clients who have runny nose or fever. We humbly request you to understand why we are unwilling to serve you at this time. Furthermore, when you enter the apartment of our massage girls, you will be asked to follow a few norms like, temperature checks and sanitising your hands, shoes and clothes. This is done for your safety, as well as, our girls.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact Tantric Top Massage. For scheduling an incall or outcall massage appointment, take a look at our amazing gallery filled with sultry massage girls. Select the one that suits your preference.

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