Erotic Massage – What Should You Do for the First Time?

Erotic Massage

Have you never experienced the joy of erotic massage before? If this is your first time, Tantric Top Massage assures you that you will have a great time with our massage girls. We work with therapists who are experienced, knowledgeable and open-minded. Spending a few hours with them will not be enough and you will surely come back for more.

However, getting an erotic massage in Bayswater for the first time might make you nervous. After all, this is not the regular massage therapy that you are used to. An erotic massage involves sensual massage techniques. So, our girls will not just focus on relaxing your sore, tired muscles, but they will also work to wake up your sexual energy. Feeling aroused during the massage is common.

Here is a guide for first-timers. This should help to calm your nerves.

First, know what an erotic massage means.

It is never good to come unprepared and be surprised. You may not like the way masseuses touch you. You might find it inappropriate. Therefore, we suggest that you find out the meaning of an erotic massage. You can call us and we will tell you what a session includes. This will allow you to meet our massage girls prepared. Also, you will be able to set your boundaries. For instance, a lot of people like to get an erotic massage naked whilst others like to cover their genitals. You can decide what you are comfortable with.

Second, choose a masseuse and book an appointment.

The next step is to go through our list of massage girls and select one of them. We have massage girls with slender legs, blonde or brunette hair, big boobs, curvy body, petite frame and more. New girls keep joining our massage agency, and hence, we are confident that you will find someone suiting your preferences and taste.

After selecting the massage girl, you can contact us, via phone, email or by filling up the appointment form. You need to decide whether you wish to book an incall or outcall appointment. Incall means that you have to visit your chosen massage girl in her apartment and outcall means that she will come to the location of your choice. It might be your home or hotel suite.

Also, mention the hours when you are booking. We usually recommend a massage session of not less than 2 hours to genuinely the erotic experience. However, you can decide as per your convenience.

Third, be vocal about your needs.

You are meeting our massage girls for an erotic massage in Bayswater for the first time. Both of you are strangers. This means that she has no way of knowing what you like or dislike. Our massage girls always try to give customers the best possible massage experience, but you can make the most out of your time by telling her what you like. If there is any specific part of your body that you want her to focus on, let her know. Also, inform her if the pressure is too much, too light or just right.

If you guide her and clearly tell her what your needs are, she will be able to deliver you an unforgettable massage experience. In case you book her again, she will know exactly how to touch you and where.

Finally, relax.

Staying calm and letting our girls take charge is the best way to enjoy an erotic massage. Take deep breaths and allow your body to respond to the touch of our massage girls.

If you feel confident, contact Tantric Top Massage for an erotic massage.

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