Every Man Must Experience Prostate Massage Bayswater in London

Every Man Must Experience Prostate Massage Bayswater in London

The prostate is an oft-misunderstood and mysterious organ. It is a walnut-size gland that is located between a man’s rectum and bladder. The function of this organ is to produce fluid, which is expelled as part of semen or sperm during ejaculation. Even though most men shudder at the thought of a prostate exam, the male G-spot is located in the prostate and its stimulation can lead be a source of amazing pleasure. At Tantric Top Massage, we specialise in providing professional prostate massage in Bayswater and other parts of London including Mayfair, Marylebone, Regent’s Park and Park Lane.

If you are wondering why men feel awkward about getting a prostate massage, it is because of how the massage is performed. For the stimulation of the prostate, one finger is to be inserted inside the anus. Now, we understand that not all men are excited about anything going up their anus, but trust us, once you experience this, there’s no going back. You will come back for more.

For first-timers, our massage therapists take extra care to make sure that they feel comfortable. When you meet any one of our masseuse for a prostate massage, you can expect the following:

·         Our masseuse will make you feel comfortable by talking to you or by giving you a good body massage before diving for your back-door.

·         She will make use of a lot of lube so that her finger slides inside your anus easily and does not cause any pain or discomfort to you.

·         She will go slowly at first and let you become comfortable with the sensation of having a finger inside your anus. Once you feel comfortable, she will begin to slowly look for your prostate and massage it gently.

If you still have reservations regarding having your prostate milked, here are a few reasons why you should see our therapists at least once.

·         Results in more intense and powerful orgasms – The prostate is covered with a lot of sensitive nerve endings. When this area is stimulated, it results in making every part of your body feel excited. You might even have a boner during a prostate massage in Bayswater. Our therapists sometimes use their free hand to stimulate the penis and balls, along with one hand massaging the prostate. This leads to a much more satisfying orgasm.

·         Get relief from symptoms of prostate diseases – Prostate milking is not only good for your sexual health and for giving you pleasure, but it is also great for improving the overall health of your prostate. Through regular milking, you can ensure that there are no stagnant fluid in the prostate duct that can cause prostate inflammation. A lot of health practitioners are also revisiting prostate massage as a possible form of treatment.

So, you need to forget your inhibitions and give prostate massage a try whilst you are in London. Our massage therapists take the following precautions to provide clients a mind-blowing experience:

·         Trim their nails and file them so that cuts, scratches and tears are prevented

·         Wash and clean their hands thoroughly before performing prostate massage

·         Keep lubricant handy and does not hesitate to use it generously

·         Keep gloves at hand for added protection

Before you see our therapist for a prostate massage, we recommend that you indulge in a little light douching so that faecal matter is removed from your rectum. Your anus should be clean before getting a rectal massage.

Now, if you have decided to have your prostate milked, we assure you that with our massage therapists, it will be a wild adventure worth remembering and revisiting. Our masseuses are experienced and they know exactly how to please a man. They are patient listeners and will personalise the massage session as per your special requests. If, at any point, you feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate to share your concerns with your chosen masseuse. Remember that everybody has unique needs and if you communicate yours, our masseuses will be able to serve you better.

At Tantric Top Massage, we provide both incall and outcall massage services. Our services are discreet. You can visit our masseuses at their Bayswater apartment or they can come to your hotel suite or apartment anywhere in London. Call us, today!

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