Discover London’s Hidden World of Tantra Massage

Tantric or tantra rubdown is an erotic therapy that is gaining immense popularity in London, as well as, other parts of the UK. This bodywork emerged in the subcontinent of India thousands of years ago and since then, the therapy has undergone several variations. At Tantric Top Massage, we try our best to deliver authentic tantra massage experiences to our patrons. We do this by specifically training our girls in the art of tantra therapy.

Tantra massage in London involves a lot of skin to skin contact, soothing music, essential oils and dim lights. It is important to set the right mood for the massage as this therapy is not just physical, but it appeals to the higher senses of an individual. This is why our massage girls always take the necessary steps to make sure that the right ambience is creating before the massage session starts.

Through tantra massage, we hope to make men enjoy the ultimate feelings of arousal and connect with themselves on a much deeper level. This therapy helps individuals in exploring and discovering their bodies, and how their body reacts to certain types of touch.

Our tantra massage session starts like a regular massage where the focus is primarily to help the recipient relax and forget about the stresses and anxieties of life. The next step is to arouse and tantalise the senses of the recipient through seductive, erotic touch. Our girls have extremely soft and smooth hands that ensure maximum satisfaction for the recipients.

Once the recipient has reached a state of arousal, our masseuses do not just leave him hanging there. They keep taking him to the next level so that he ends up releasing all his stress through an explosive orgasm.

Apart from the classic tantric massage experience, we also provide variations of this therapy. You can try our couples tantric massage to reconnect with your partner or you can try the more naughty variations like, fantasy, roleplay or domination tantric massage.

If you have made your choice, check out our gallery of sultry masseuses and book an appointment.

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