Yoni Massage & Its Wonderful Benefits You Should Know

Yoni Massage

When you think of getting a massage, you might not think of your nether regions. But, that might just be the area that is not being featured enough in your wellness and self-care routine. Drinking green juice and practising yoga can make you healthier, but to truly satisfy yourself, you need to come to Tantric Top Massage for a yoni massage session.  We understand that this massage is not widely known as the erotic tantric massage in London and this is why we are here to tell you everything about it.

What does yoni massage mean?

A yoni massage is a rubdown therapy that stimulates the genital area or sacred space of a woman. This area is known as yoni in Sanskrit. The massage approach may vary as it depends on personal preference, but here are the general steps for the tantric massage.

  • During the yoni massage session, you will be completely naked and lying on the massage table or bed. The massage typically starts by lying face down. Your chosen masseuse will begin by massaging your back and making you feel comfortable of her touch.
  • After the back, the masseuse will slowly begin to massage your arms, shoulders and buttocks. You can feel a warm sensation building up in your body and also experience the spread of energy.
  • As she continues to stimulate other parts of your body, you can experience an erotic awakening and the rising of your dormant kundalini energy.
  • Whilst caressing your body parts, your masseuse will ask you to turn over so that your pelvis is exposed. You can choose to maintain eye contact with your chosen therapist or close your eyes and feel her touch.
  • Now that your body is responding to her touch and you appear to be calm, she will proceed toward your genital area or yoni. With full attention to your yoni, she will maximise her touch and arouse the various parts of your yoni. You can feel her caressing the lips of your yoni and also venturing to take her finger slightly inside to make you feel aroused and excited.
  • As she continues to massage your yoni sensually, you can experience a full-body orgasm. This may lead to an intense climax. After you have achieved climax, you will slip into a zone of tranquillity.

Simply put, a yoni massage is a form of tantric massage in London that focuses on pleasing the yoni or vagina. Our therapists will be focused on satisfying your erotic urges and as you climax, you will find yourself transported to another level of delight.

But, a yoni massage is not only enjoyed because of its sensual, erotic nature. Along with a satisfying feeling, you can also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get relief from painful menstruation because the massage helps in stimulating the flow of blood in the area.
  • The massage awakens the genital area and also uses breathing techniques to help relax the muscles in and around the vagina. This helps in providing relief from painful sexual intercourse.
  • The massage unlocks the fear of touch and intimacy. This results in better sex life as one’s sex drive is improved.
  • A yoni massage unblocks the channels in the body that carries energy to the body, mind and soul.
  • Intense orgasm can be achieved by massaging the yoni.

A yoni massage advocates sexual healing, empowers women and makes women confident of their body. This massage can transform your life and help you unleash your sexual energy. More than anything, your yoni deserves to be caressed and loved. So, get in touch with Tantric Top Massage and let our massage therapists show you what full-body orgasm means.

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