What do you need to know about Nuru Massage?

Are you curious about Nuru massage? You are not alone. At Tantric Top Massage, we get questions from people regarding this massage on a regular basis. This is a unique massage that is known to have originated in Japan’s Kawasaki and there is no information about how long it has been practised. It is an erotic massage that not only caters to relaxation needs, but also bodily desires. Let us tell you the important things that you need to know about getting a Nuru massage in Knightsbridge.

The massage is received and performed naked

The first highlight of a Nuru massage is that it is performed and received naked. Both the receiver and the masseuse is naked and this means total bodily contact. You can feel the amazing body and feminine curves of our massage girls as it brushes against your skin. This will instantly help you to feel relaxed and excited.

The massage uses a slippery gel, called Nuru gel

The second highlight of this massage is its slipperiness. This massage makes use of Nuru gel and this gel is slippery, odourless and colourless. As it is made from Nori seaweed and completely natural, it does not cause any kind of allergic reaction. Also, the slipperiness of the massage is what differentiates it from the naked body to body rubdown therapy. This massage can get a bit messy, but it is so much fun and enjoyable. It is the gel that allows the therapist to slide up and down without any kind of friction.

This massage includes a hot shower with your chosen masseuse

Nuru massage is special because this massage not only guarantees you delightful sensations, but also a warm shower with your chosen massage girl. The massage girl will even help you undress and scrub you. A warm shower is important because it makes the skin soft and allows the Nuru gel to be absorbed completely.

So, these are the most important things to know about a Nuru massage. It guarantees full-body orgasms and you will surely come back for more. If you wish to schedule an appointment, check out our massage girls and give us a call. At Tantric Top Massage, we offer discreet massage services and our girls entertain both incall and outcall requests. You can decide on the place as per your convenience and look forward to having the best time of your life.

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