What are the Boundaries of Tantric Massages?

What are the Boundaries of Tantric Massages?

Tantric massages are erotic and sensual. They are not like regular massages. Massage therapists give as much attention to one’s sexual energies and erogenous zones as they focus on one’s mental balance and physical needs of relaxation. This is why a lot of people wrongly assume that there are simply no boundaries when it comes to getting a tantric massage in London. A lot of people even think that this massage is a sophisticated way of satisfying one’s horniness.

We, at Tantric Top Massage, are committed to delivering tantric massage experiences that are strongly rooted in the classic, genuine arts of tantra. One of the boundaries that our massage girls abide by is never to engage in coitus or any kind of penetrative sexual activity. Tantric massage is a body rub therapy and it can be sensual, deeply erotic and passionate, but it does not involve penetrative sex. Keep reading to know more about the boundaries of tantric massages.

What is the meaning of boundary?

A boundary refers to something that neither the massage therapist nor the client wishes to indulge in. For instance, a client’s boundary might be to not want their hair or feet to be touched. It might also be that they want to enjoy the massage session in total silence. A therapist’s boundary, on other hand, might be not wanting to kiss a client or take their clothes off during the tantric massage session.

Can boundaries change during a tantric massage session?

The concept of boundary is quite fluid. As aforementioned, a boundary is seen as anything that either our massage girl or the client would not want to be a part of. Since every person is different, their boundaries are also different.

So, we suggest that you talk to your chosen massage therapist to discuss your individual boundaries. It is good to know where our girls can touch you or if they should encourage you to take part in a conversation. Also, it will give you a clear idea about the kind of requests that you can make whilst the massage session is ongoing. For instance, during tantric massages, our girls do not take off their clothes complete. But, they do wear sexy clothes that can make your imagination run wild. If clients wish to receive a naked body massage from our girls, they can simply book an appointment for a body to body massage where our girls will be totally naked and using their body to deliver an exciting massage experience.

Also, know that if you have asked the therapist to not touch your nipples or feet, they will abide by your requests during the therapy. Our therapists will not push your boundaries and make you feel nervous. They are here to take you to a happy place where you can forget your worries and feel relaxed.

Boundaries during a tantric massage in London is set by the client and the massage girl. At Tantric Top Massage, we encourage our customers to be open and vocal about their specific needs. Our girls are always eager to go above and beyond to satisfy customers to the fullest.

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