Trick or Tantra? Using Massage to Make Your Halloween a True Treat

It’s Halloween at the end of this month, which means costumes, spooky decorations, and an increase in celebratory joy before Guy Fawkes Night and Christmas (among other winter holidays).

But you know what it also means? More school holidays, commotion and rowdy celebrations about town, and an increased workload in most businesses, due to the various different events emerging.

If you’re in the financial sector then this time can be especially stressful, and you may find that the treating spirit of the Halloween season is losing out to the tricks of the season:

Stress, increased workload, and less time to tend to your needs.

Turning to Tantra for a Treat
Here at Tantric Top Massage we don’t believe that any such Halloween doom and gloom should drag you down. You work hard and deserve to relax come the end of it all, especially around Halloween, which is why our tantric services exist.

Immersed in a rich atmosphere of music, aromatic oils, and (of course) excellent company, we strongly believe that there are few experiences as truly tranquil and affirming as a tantric massage. The expertise of our girls makes sure that you get nothing but the best when visiting us too, making each visit a treat better than any high street candy.

But, beyond the usual benefits of our services, we feel that tantric massage and the Halloween season actually go perfectly together. Here are just a few reasons why?

Dimming the Lights
It’s often been a Halloween tradition to enjoy the spooky occasion via candlelight. Just think of the common Halloween offering, the Jack-O-Lantern, which was actually named for the strange flickering over peat bogs, known as will-o-wisps.

While candlelight is rarely encountered in most modern homes, it’s a must-have for a truly relaxing tantric experience. However, should you be a Halloween fan then the low light and flickering candles that we employ might actually be seen in another way – perhaps a little bit…spooky?

Rest assured, though, our girls aren’t going to jump out at you from the darkness. When you enter our ‘horror’ setting you’re the absolute star of the show.

Scented Spookiness
Halloween (and autumn in general) has a very distinct scent-profile associated to it. Pumpkin spices, cinnamon, apple and cardamom. All of those ayurvedic aromas that add a little spice to the spooky season, and we love them.

As part of your tantric experience we often employ different aromas to create a certain atmosphere and, should you wish to add some Halloween spirit to your visit, we are not opposed to sticking to a spicier scent for your visit.

In addition to being wonderfully complementary with the Halloween season, fragrances such as cinnamon can also help increase blood flow, heighten arousal, and relieve stress or tension.

Don’t you just love it when seasonal scents turn sexy?

Bodily Awareness
Have you ever asked yourself just why we love the many frightening experience that Halloween provides?

Believe it or not, it’s for the biological and psychological kick that they offer us. Horror movies, jump scares, haunted houses: All of these things give our system a good jolt and allow us to connect with our primal nature (and desires) in a way that we’re rarely capable of achieving in our day-to-day routine. It’s far too easy to shut any internal experiences down when there’s a deadline to be reached or shut the brain off when the TV is on.

But tantric massage is all about allowing you to take the time to really take yourself in and to feel what your body is saying. By allowing yourself time to simply life back and relax, you become much more aware of the sheer delight of having a body and, in turn, the sheer pleasure of having it touched, stimulated, and relaxed.

The hands-on approach of tantric massage is a handy way to get that Halloween reconnect without feeling shocked or getting a nasty fright. There’s only pleasure waiting for you when you use our services. No need for that slasher flick.

A Thematic Treat
When visiting Tantric Top Massage you will find all of your needs met to the utmost of our ability. However, we do understand that some people simply don’t feel comfortable in a remote setting, or would rather do something that involves staying at home.

Because of this we happily accept out call massages, which can be easily arrange by contacting us with your specifications. And, since you’re requesting something specific anyway, there’s no reason as to why we can’t match your other desires too.

Perhaps you are a truly avid Halloween fan and have a massage idea in mind that fully utilizes the festive season. Something that involves candy treats? A specific Halloween-themed massage oil or costume? Maybe even a fully-fledged massage scenario? How ghoulishly delightful that sounds!

If this is the case then just let us know and we’ll be sure to find the right lady for you to make your Halloween dreams come true. This is the purest blend of tantric massage and Halloween and, even better, it’s entirely personalised to your desires. The ultimate treat!

So please do consider our services this month and make sure that you guarantee your Halloween evening is one full of only the finest festive entertainment. Our girls are ready for you, so be sure to look through our gallery to find your perfect match. We know that you’ll be frightfully thrilled with what we have to offer you.

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