Personalised body to body massage – Get only Certain Parts Massaged

Personalised body to body massage

Do you want certain parts of your body massaged more? At Tantric Top Massage, you can get a personalised body to body massage in Baker Street. It might be that you want your masseuse to give more attention to your shoulders or maybe your legs. Our girls can customise the session as per your needs.

But, before we talk about personalisation of the massage, let us tell you what our body to body massage session entails.

  • First, you will have to go through our gallery and select a massage girl that suits your preference and style. We have girls of varied types including European beauties, Spanish lasses, Italian women, Russian hotties and so on. From blondes to brunettes, busty to petite, your choices are galore when it comes to tantalising massage girls.
  • Second, when you have selected your masseuse, you need to decide whether you want an incall or outcall massage. If you select incall, you have to visit the massage girl’s apartment and for outcall, she will come to your hotel suite or home. Regardless of what you select, you can be sure of complete confidentiality.
  • Third, it is time to meet your massage girl. She will initiate introductory statements and try to make conversation to break the ice. But, if you do not wish to talk, you can mention that when you are making your appointment. So, now that you two have met, you will need to undress and lay on the bed or massage table. Your massage therapist is also going to undress and get ready to give you a mind-blowing massage experience.
  • Fourth, when both of you are naked, she will climb on top of you and use her body to massage your naked body. You can feel her feminine curves as she slides and glides all over you. She is going to use her hands, breasts, legs, hips, stomach and buttocks to perform a body to body massage in Baker Street.
  • Fifth, she will continue to titillate and stimulate your body, take you to the edge of pleasure and bring you down. She will tease you whilst straddling with her hips. Ultimately, she will allow you to experience the most amazing and explosive orgasm. The sexual release is going to rid your body and mind of all the stress that you were carrying.

So, this is what a body to body massage typically involves. A masseuse is going to touch your body sensually using her naked body and make sure that you get a lot of pleasure. She is going to give attention to every part of your body. However, you may want the masseuse to massage only certain parts of your body. For instance, you might want her to keep giving pressure to your lower back, buttocks or maybe your inner thighs. You might want her to avoid touching your chest or arms. If you have sensitive areas in your body that you do not want the massage girl to touch, inform her about it. She is going to customise the massage session according to your specific wishes and requests.

If you are ready to experience this indulgent massage therapy, contact Tantric Top Massage right away. Our girls are always ready and willing to serve the needs of their customers. They love spending carefree hours with them. They are also known to go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. If you wish, you can make all your requests before the session begins or you can meet your massage girl and let her know of your wishes.

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