Lingam Massage – The Pleasurable Multiple-orgasm Technique

In tantric bodyrub, two bodies connect on a personal and spiritual level. This massage technique has been in use for centuries and at Tantric Top Massage, we strive hard to offer genuine tantric experiences to our customers. Our masseuses connect with the sexual energy of the recipients and awaken their energetic life force through the multiple-orgasm technique of lingam massage.

Lingam massage or penis massage is a massage therapy that almost entirely focuses on the penis or phallus. This is an exclusive men-only massage service and our massage girls perform this massage with a lot of care, respect, thoughtfulness and passion.

What is the meaning of a lingam massage?

As already mentioned, lingam massage is a tantra practice of massaging the penis. It is not like your average handjob. This massage involves not just stroking and massaging the penis, but also more advanced techniques including the perineum, testicles and the prostate. Also, the lingam massage is not about having one orgasm. Instead, it is about feeling more and more pleasure that eventually becomes waves of multiple orgasms through the bodyrub session. This massage proves to men that they are also capable of experiencing more than one orgasm and that is not just for people with clitorises.

The practice of lingam massage is to honour the penis and give it pleasure. It is also about letting free the tremendous amount of sexual energy that is often trapped in a penis. As our masseuses stroke and massage your penis, you will get to learn the right way of circulating and stimulating your penis that will help you release your sexual energy throughout your body.

How do our massage girls perform the lingam massage?

At Tantric Top Massage, we provide both incall and outcall lingam massage in Battersea. You can select the service as per your convenience and comfort preferences. Once you meet your chosen masseuse, this is how the session will typically proceed:

  • Relaxing the body and the penis – The first step to an explosive lingam massage is getting the body and penis of the recipient to relax. For this, our girls will ask you to lie in your most comfortable position. You might choose to put a pillow under your hips or head. Your legs need to be wide apart so that your genitalia is in full view and your chosen therapist can access every part of it without any hindrance. She will ask you to take deep breaths whilst she tries to relax your body by smoothing out the knots in your body. She might even ask you to close your eyes and imagine certain tranquil scenes.
  • Breathing exercise – Breathing is an important part of lingam tantric massage. Breathing will help you to release the energy within you and inhale the energy of pleasure and arousal. It will boost your sexual intuition.
  • Lubricate and massage – To lubricate, our masseuses make use of massage oils. They warm up the oil and generously pour the oil on their palms. Then, they rub it on the penis and testicles. Oiling the penis prevents painful friction when they stroke the penis. In between stroking the penis, they also caress the testicles and massage it to enhance the feeling of arousal. They also massage the shaft. Whilst touching, our masseuses also compliment their customers to make them feel special. They will do the same with you. But, if you prefer to receive the massage in silence, you can request the same.

When you are getting a lingam massage, prepare yourself to be teased. Our girls love to tease and linger the arousal feeling for a long time. They will take you to the edge, but stop you just when you are about to climax. They will toy with your penis and let you release only when you cannot take it anymore and begin to beg. At this stage, the release feels explosive and a feeling of satisfaction will spread through your body.

Do you want our sexy girls to hold your penis with both their hands and give it a good massage? If yes, contact Tantric Top Massage and schedule an interview. We have busty babes and curvy blondes waiting for you.

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