Key Points to Know before you go for a Body to Body Massage


Whether you need to reduce muscle pains and aches, improve sleep quality or cater to your carnal urges, a body to body massage in Baker Street from Tantric Top Massage is the best solution. This is an erotic massage that is performed naked and guarantees complete skin to skin touch for maximum pleasure.

As this is a special kind of massage, we would want you to remember the following things before you meet any one of our masseuses for a body to body rubdown:

  • Be prepared to open your clothes completely – As we have already mentioned, a B2B therapy is performed by rubbing two naked bodies together. So, for this massage, your masseuse will be naked and you also have to fully open your clothes to enjoy the massage. If you are too shy to reveal your genitals to massage girls, you might want to consider getting a tantric massage or aqua massage from Tantric Top Massage.
  • Eat light and keep yourself hydrated – During a B2B massage, your chosen massage girl will get up on top of you and push her body down. As she slides and glides across your body, you are bound to feel the pressure of her body. If you come with a full stomach, the chances are that you will experience discomfort when the masseuse slides on your abdomen. Also, drink water before the session starts. You would not want to break the flow to wet your throat.
  • Maintain your hygiene and groom yourself – This massage includes a lot of body-to-body touching. So, if you do not trim your chest hair, there is going to be a lot of friction when our massage girls are trying to navigate up and down your naked body. Even with oils and moisturisers, there are chances that your chest hair might get entangled. So, make sure to trim it. Also, our girls clean themselves thoroughly and always smell good. They also expect their customers to maintain a high standard of hygiene.

With a body to body massage from Tantric Top Massage, you can forget your worries and find inner happiness. The massage can cater to your fleshly desires and provide you the relaxation that you need. If you want to make your day amazing, just meet one of our gorgeous girls. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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