How to Get the Most from a Body to Body Massage?

From better sleep to stress reduction, the benefits of a body to body massage in London are plenty. It does not matter if your muscles are sore from working out too much or you need mental relaxation. At Tantric Top Massage, we make sure that our clients’ needs are satisfied to the fullest by our titillating and sultry masseuses.

If you want to get the most from a body to body rubdown, follow these tips.

  • Strategically schedule the massage sessions

Are you looking to derive long-term benefits from a B2B therapy? If so, you have to strategically schedule the massage sessions. First, you have to frequently meet our massage girls. You will notice the difference a B2B massage makes on your physical and mental health from the very first session. But, if you want those effects to last, you have to keep coming back to us.

Second, when you are meeting our girls, make sure that you have enough time. Our girls like to play and without the teasing and toying, this massage is no fun. You need to spend at least 2 to 3 hours with our curvy beauties to let them work their magic.

  • Be mentally prepared to strip

A body to body massage in London is an erotic massage and this is carried out naked. As the name suggests, the massage entails the meeting, rubbing and grinding of two naked bodies. So, if you are shy about lying naked in front of our masseuses, we suggest that you try out our other erotic massages that would not require you to be completely naked. For instance, you can get a tantric rubdown or aqua massage.

  • Do not drink or eat a lot before your massage appointment

You would be surprised to know that we get a lot of clients who come after having a full meal. Needless to say, the experience is not very pleasant for both the client and the massage girl that he had chosen. A body to body massage is something where a lot of body touch and grinding is involved. This means that while you lie on the massage table, your chosen massage girl will be on top of you, straddling and rubbing her body against yours. If your stomach is too full, the gliding and sliding is going to make you feel uncomfortable.

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