Four Hand Massage is a Relaxing Massage Experience

Four hands massage is Tantric Top Massage’s signature relaxation treatment. Two of our extremely qualified and vivacious therapists will be working in sequence on tension and knots in this highly indulgent full body massage. Warm, aromatic oil will be drizzled on your body to make the experience a truly personal and memorable one.

Our Four Hands Massage Promotes the Ultimate ‘WOW’ Factor Experience

Our supremely relaxing four hands massage provides you with a pleasurable and unique experience that you must try at least once in your life. This massage is the best way to pamper and relax your body and mind. Not only will the massage make you feel totally relaxed, but with four hands moving at the same pace, you will be transported to a state of complete mind and body satisfaction. Our lovely girls will carefully and intensely massage both your hemispheres so that your brain cannot predict what is going to happen next. The element of surprise is another reason why people opt for our four hand massage at Edgware. If you are someone who has a hard time letting go or cannot relax when having a massage, this is the ideal massage treatment for you. The unpredictability of the hand movements will force your mind to stop thinking and just relax.

We Offer a Combination of Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage Techniques

At Tantric Top Massage, we combine Swedish and deep tissue techniques in our popular four hands tantric massage. Our gorgeous girls will take care of you and pamper you throughout the massage session. You will get the power of two massages in one session. While your senses are relaxed all your worries float away, the sensual touches of our girls will awaken your carnal instincts and make you feel alive.

Do you want to feel the ultimate pleasure? Book Tantric Top Massage today and allow our sensuous and attractive girls perform four hands massage on you. The whole experience is going to enrich you and take you to a whole new level.

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