Foreplay to Climax – Enjoy the Beauty of Sensual Massage in Edgware

If you have been waiting to get special treatment during your stay in Edgware, Tantric Top Massage’s sensual massage services are recommended for you. This is one of the most exotic massage therapies that promote relaxation, soothes sore and tight muscles, and arouses one’s senses. The intimate contact between our massage girl’s hands and your body can be deliciously sensual. If you wish to know how our masseuses will help you enjoy the journey of foreplay to climax, take a look below.

  • Setting the tone – Since a sensual massage in Edgware is meant to de-stress and relax you, our girls will create an ambience of serenity, peace and romance. You will get the whiff of sweet-smelling candles and hear tranquil music playing in the background. The lights will be dim, which will leave no room for error as to the experience that you are about to indulge in.
  • Get started with the warm up – Our sensual massage sessions are a lot like a piece of classical music where it will start slowly and crescendo to an explosive climax before descending to an extremely delicate end. To warm you up, the massage will begin like a regular massage where the focus will be to make you feel comfortable. You can feel our massage therapist putting gentle pressure on your body using her fingertips. You can also feel circular patterns being made up and down your spine. Your lower back will be stroked and she will take her hands toward your upper back and to your neck. This will open all the knots in your muscles and build a sense of familiarity with your masseuse.
  • The tease – Now comes the interesting part where she will start to tease you. She will knead your buttocks and caress your inner thighs. The circular movements on your thighs will feel deeply sensual at this point. She will purposely make the back of her hands touch your phallus and scrotum. She is going to hover around your genitalia, but not give you the satisfaction of a handjob.
  • The climax – As she teases you, takes you to the edge and tries to cool it off, the pressure building inside of you will be too much to handle. Her sexually-charged touches will drive you crazy and result in an explosive climax.

If reading about sensual massage in Edgware makes you hard, call Tantric Top Massage right away. Our girls are waiting.

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