Do You Know the 5 Erogenous Massage Zones in Men?

Men appear to be pleased easily, but those are just appearances. At Tantric Top Massage, our massage girls have invented years to know the erogenous zones in men that will make them more than pleased. This is why whoever gets a Nuru massage in Battersea from one of our girls, cannot stop wanting more.

Want to know the areas that our massage girls focus on during a slippery Nuru massage? Take a look below.

  • Ears – The right ear is connected to the part of the brain that controls pleasure and happiness. This is why during the rubdown session, our girls pay special attention to nibbling at the ears. They sometimes whisper sweet nothings into the ear and breathe heavily so that the warm breath falling on the ear gives them goosebumps.
  • Neck – There are certain erogenous points on the neck. For some, it is at the end of the hairline and for others, it is above the collarbone. Our girls work on both the pleasure points and try to determine which one brings out the most reaction. While caressing the nape of the neck, our masseuses also nibble the ears.
  • Nipples – Nipples are not universal erogenous zone for men. Some enjoy it whilst others do not. But, this is a matter of pleasure, and therefore, our girls seek permission before pressing or rubbing the nipple area. However, there are some men who seem to really go crazy when their nipples are twisted, turned or pressed.
  • Scrotum – Scrotum is extremely sensitive and it is found that it responds to light touching. There’s no need to be very rough or hard. Gentle and light stroking and fingertip caressing can exact major reactions from the recipient. Our girls are always careful when they’re caressing and touching the scrotum.
  • Phallus – Needless to say, phallus or penis is the most sensitive and erogenous zone for a man. Our girls always pay special attention to straddling or riding the phallus for maximum pleasure. During the Nuru massage in Battersea, our girls generously apply Nuru gel all over her body and the recipient’s and begin to slide and glide. All the while, she maintains contact with his phallus.

So, do you want your erogenous zones to be touched, caressed and teased? Tantric Top Massage has just the girls to fulfil your dream. Give us a call, today!

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