Body to Body Massage – Pleasure for Every Inch of You

Tantric Top Massage’s body to body massage therapy is an incredible experience where the Eastern art of tantra meets Western sexuality. This rubdown is one of the most erotic and intimate experiences that our masseuse offer and it is very popular in the UK amongst discerning gentlemen.

Our masseuse is sure to get your blood racing through the soft, sensual caressing of their curves. As she slides and glides all over your body, you can feel her breasts, stomach, hips and rounded bottoms against your naked skin.

The purpose of this massage is not just to help alleviate your pent up tension and stress, but intensify and prolong the pleasure. Our masseuse aims to create intimacy and take you to another level of delight and eventually helping you to experience a blissful and explosive release. Just one session with our beautiful, well-trained massage girls will leave you coming back for more.

Our therapists will pleasure every inch of your body

During a body to body massage session, our massage therapists will expertly work on your body using her own. She will apply just enough pressure with her soft, delicious breasts, toned and tight thighs and tight buttocks. She will make use of her body to relax, excite, indulge and arouse your senses.

Our therapists will not leave even an inch of you unattended. She will gracefully and elegantly stimulate your senses and take your body to the edge of climax. The skin to skin contact with a gorgeous therapist’s body is an alluring and intense experience and it will surely stir up passion and help you reach your erotic potential.

At Tantric Top Massage, the number of priority of our therapists is to satisfy your desires during a body to body massage in Knightsbridge. So, arrange for a meeting in their incall apartment if you are nearby. Alternately, you can invite our girls over to your private residence or hotel suite for a fun-filled, wild evening.

Simply go through the gallery, choose the girl of your choice and get in touch with us.

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