Body to Body Massage: Feel the Sexy Curves of a Gorgeous Masseuse

Massages are relaxing, but there is something special about a body a body rubdown, especially when given by the voluptuous therapists at Tantric Top Massage. As the name suggests, this massage involves a lot of skin contact and the experience is intimate and erotic. It is the perfect way to unwind, relax and blow off some steam after a hard day at work in Marylebone.

Given below is a brief description of how our therapists give a body to body massage.

  • First, your chosen masseuse will invite you for a shower so that the hot water can help you relax and make your skin receptive to moisturisers or oils.
  • Second, you will be asked to lie with your face down on the massage table and she will request you to be completely naked for the best experience.
  • Third, our gorgeous therapist will begin massaging you from your feet and all the way up. She will be applying pressure and if you want here to put more pressure, you can let her know. At this stage, her only purpose is to help you relax, loosen your muscles and drive away your inhibitions.
  • Fourth, now that you are feeling comfortable with her touch and in her company, she will begin the actual body to body massage in Marylebone. You will find her serenading you with her soft, juicy breasts and straddling on you with her flexible hips. You will be able to completely feel her feminine curves on your body and she will continue the same moves and get more wild as she asks you to turn over and face her.

At Tantric Top Massage, we only work with the most experienced and gorgeous of masseuses. Our girls know what a man wants and how to satisfy his carnal urges and desires. With a body to body massage, you will not only feel relaxed, but a renewed sexual energy will be flowing through your body. If you are ready to experience the most explosive orgasm of your life, contact us.

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