A Step by Step Guide to Giving an Erotic Massage

Tantric Top Massage is the place where you will receive all that your body needs and you deserve. We are proficient in the art of giving erotic tantra massage and guarantee to provide you with the best experience of your life. Our masseuse will arouse your carnal instincts and take you to great heights of satisfaction. After you have booked an appointment with us, keep reading to see how our therapist will give you an erotic massage.

# Step 1 – Setting the right ambience

At first, we set the perfect mood before our client arrives. We prepare the room at our massage parlour by putting on some soothing music, lighting up scented candles and dimming the lights. Our therapists ensure that the moment you enter the room, you are wowed by the amazing effort put into creating a romantic environment. Moreover, we have noticed that creating the right atmosphere helps clients relax and loosen up.

# Step 2 – Putting the oil

Once the mood is set and you feel comfortable in the presence of your chosen masseuse, she will move on to removing your robe or clothes. She will sensuously apply aromatic oil all over your body including your erogenous zones. Applying the oil will make sure that the masseuse can move her fingers smoothly at every inch of your body.

# Step 3 – Head, shoulder and neck massage

Our beautiful masseuse will first begin massaging your back including your head, neck and shoulder. She will delicately run her fingers through your hair, rub her hands gently up and down your shoulders and untie the knots created by tension and stress. Now that your muscles feel relaxed and you are into the groove, the real fun of erotic massage in London begins.

# Step 4 – Massage of the buttocks and other erogenous areas

Prepare yourself to moan with delight as our masseuse finds her way towards your buttocks and gently strokes the inner part of your thighs and plays with your family jewels.

To know what happens next, book an appointment with Tantric Top Massage.

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