6 reasons to book a massage today – London Tantric Massage


It can counteract the bad posture you get from sitting

A trip to the massage parlour can undo the imbalance to your posture and to your body caused by sitting down at your desk job all day. Tension and weakness occurs most commonly in the glutes, neck, shoulders and lower back. You cant quit your job but you can schedule regular massages.

It can treat muscular pain

If youve been suffering from muscle pain due to regular aches and pains or from an injury visiting the massage parlour can work wonders. This is because it improves circulation. Massage has also been proven to treat chronic back pain

It can help alleviate anxiety, depression and stress

We all feel calm, collected and completely relaxed after a massage but if you suffer specifically from anxiety or stress then seeing your massage therapist on a regular basis is a proven way to treat it. Massage gets the feel-good hormones flowing.

It can help you get a good nights sleep

Masseuses in massage parlours all over the world have long been boasting of the effects a good massage can have on your sleep pattern. If youre having trouble sleeping go get a massage and sleep like a baby!

It can boost your immunity

As well as leading a healthy lifestyle and getting all your vitamins, the best way to ensure you dont get a cold or a virus is by getting massaged. Massage is actually proven to increase your white blood cells which play a huge role in fighting off unwarranted attacks on your immune system. Visit your doctor AND your nearest massage parlour when youre feeling under the weather!

It can get rid of that niggling headache

If paracetamol, ibuprofen, a dark room and a damp cloth arent shifting that headache, have you tried massage? Massage is proven to help relieve tension headaches by relaxing your body and muscles. Getting a regular appointment at the massage parlour can reduce the frequency and intensity of tension headaches.

So what are you waiting for? Book in with Tantric Top for your favourite London Tantric Massage today!

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